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Our Mission

De.Fi strives to bring DeFi to all, ensuring anyone can make the most out of the Web3 financial revolution, while investing confidently without the fear of getting rekt.
By becoming essentially the Robinhood of DeFi, we can become bigger and better than our Web2 counterparts, due to no nationalized financial restrictions or adherence to legacy technologies.

The De.Fi Community

Our community is comprised of DeFi users of all levels of experience: professional investors, traders, experienced DeFi connoisseurs, large whales, degens, or even newcomers to this space.
Our community, which has grown considerably since our launch, makes the most out of the elements in our ecosystem:
  • Dashboard: A security-oriented page for users to manage their assets, while being aware of all their associated risks and being able to manage them.
  • Security Toolkit: A set of tools to give users as much control of their own safety as possible. This includes our Shield functionality, Smart Contract Scanner, Impermanent Loss Calculator and more always being developed.
  • Audits: We not only perform our own audits, but we make all audits from all auditors available on our Audit Database, as well as a detailed record of all protocol hacks and exploits on any of our supported chains on our Rekt Database.
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