Address Book

De.Fi’s address book is a quick and easy way to manage all your wallets and/or any wallets you are interested in keeping track of, regardless of whether they are from an EVM-compatible chain or not.

Adding Wallets

There are two ways to add a wallet to track and use throughout De.Fi's many pages and tools:

Option 1 - Connecting To Your Wallet

By clicking the 'Connect Wallet' button, you will be prompted to enter what wallet you'd like to connect with. Depending on what type of blockchain you intend to use, you will have many options to choose from.

For EVM-compatible chains, for example, you'll be able to pick between MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet or a dozen other alternatives.

Once you have selected your wallet preference, your wallet will likely prompt you to connect to our site. Accepting such prompt will connect your wallet to De.Fi. This does not allow us to make any transactions on your behalf; only see info such as your address and balances from your wallet.

Option 2 - Entering Any Wallet's Address

If you do not have access to the wallet you are trying to keep track of or just want to easily add multiple wallet addresses, you can simply enter any wallet's address to your watchlist through the Address Book page.

Type the address of your wallet on the textbox to the right and click on 'Add to watch'. This can be your actual wallet address or an ENS domain if you have one setup.

Removing Wallets

To remove your wallet from your watchlist, simply hover over it to see a bin icon:

Clicking that icon will instantly remove the wallet from your watched wallets.

Managing Bundles

You can create a bundle of wallets to track multiple wallets at any given time. To do so, simply click the 'Create Bundle' button on your Address Book:

Doing so will prompt you to give a name to the bundle, and choose which wallets you want to add to the bundle:

If you don't see a wallet you want to add to your bundle there, make sure you have it either connected or in your watchlist (refer to Adding Wallets).

Hovering over the bundle at any point will show you a gear icon, which you can click to return to the 'Manage Bundle' popup. There you can add more wallets to your bundle, remove any unwanted wallets, rename your bundle or delete it entirely.

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