De.Fi's deposit page is where you can find all the details of any of your staked assets. This includes any assets staked in DeFi protocols, as well as native staking in any of your favorite Proof of Stake blockchains that we have support for.

Checking Your Deposited Assets

If you have tokens deposited into a liquidity pool on Uniswap, for example, you'll be able to quickly see all the information you need about your deposit:

This includes all the data on the pool's underlying tokens, their prices, the yield you are getting from the pool as well as any rewards that are available to claim. Soon we'll also allow you to claim such rewards directly on our app, saving you the time taken to navigate to all the dApps you interact with on a daily basis.

Native Staking Support

Similarly to staking in DeFi protocols, we support native staking and/or delegating as well:

In the example above we have an ADA delegation to a validators on Cardano. The deposit page will clearly display your delegations, their value and underlying token price as well as any outstanding rewards you've earned throughout your stake!

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