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Find yourself to be quite the NFT connoisseur? De.Fi's NFT portfolio page makes it easy for you to keep track of your collection. We offer a quick way to check out all the details of any of your NFTs in one place, calculate your net worth based on floor prices, share your NFTs with others, and a lot more.

Browsing Your Collection

By navigating to the NFTs page on our app's sidebar, you will be able to see all NFTs owned by your wallet or bundle of wallets that you've selected:

The search bar allows you to search for any NFT via name or collection, and the filters on the right allow you to filter your portfolio by NFT collection, or sort them by price in descending or ascending order.

Checking Out Your NFTs

By clicking on any NFT, you can view any details available for it, which will largely depend on what type of NFT you have. For popular collections, you can expect a ton of interesting info such as the item's traits, collection details, and other identifying information:

NFT Traits

These are traits inherent to your NFT, which are usually determined when they are first minted. Some NFTs have many different traits with specific rarities to each, while some collections may offer only a couple important traits to any given piece.

Depending on the rarity of your NFT's traits, you might have a very expensive piece in your hands! The floor price of each trait will be listed in this screen, allowing to easily see what are the most sought-after traits of your token.

Collection Info

The 'Collection' tab on any NFT will give you a description of the collection an NFT is part of, if any. We'll also provide you with links to the collection's website, marketplace on OpenSea as well as any additional relevant socia media links.

Other Details

The 'Details' tab will provide you with any other relevant information regarding your NFT, such as the address of its smart contract, the blockchain it was deployed in and its unique token ID. If the token follows a common standard, we'll also be sure to include it in your NFT's details.

Sharing Your NFT

The icons on the top right of any NFT also allow you to quickly grab a link to your NFT, or instantly share it on any social media of your choosing!

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