De.Fi's smart contract scanner can be used to quickly gather a comprehensive analysis of any smart contract on our 10+ supported blockchains. This is to ensure that the contracts you plan on interacting with are safe, without having to rely on often misleading audits that most often lack proper coverage.

Our Features

Expansive Vulnerability Coverage

The scanner doesn't only scan for the most superficial exploits and threats like reentrancy attacks, unchecked transfers, etc. Any exploit or vulnerability discovered in the recent years has been included and are checked for. This includes anything from Solidity best practices to ERC standards, proper control flow or checking proper privileged function setups. For example:

Simple & Informative Security Score

Our scanner generates a simple security score to quickly infer the riskiness of any given contract.

Fast Scanning

In less than a couple seconds you are able to have all the details regarding any contract you'd like, with likely better coverage than most audits out there.

Detailed Findings

Alongside the security score, our scanner provides you with detailed lists of findings for any given contract, provides examples where appropriate and explains what the findings entail.

For token contracts, for example, you could expect it to easily detect any concerns such as the following:

Extra Token Details

For more well-known and popular tokens, our scanner also provides you with extra information such as token holder or liquidity analysis:

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