DEFI Token

The DEFI token is the De.Fi's native governance token, and is present on many blockchains.

With the DEFI token, users can take part in our ecosystem, provide their vote on any governance proposals submitted by our community, as well as benefit from other exclusive features within our platform.

The token has a maximum supply of 1 Billion and is deployed onto the following blockchains:

  • ETH: 0X6B0FaCA7bA905a86F221CEb5CA404f605e5b3131

  • BSC: 0X6d106C0B8d2f47c5465bdBD58D1Be253762cBBC1

  • SOL: HXwh9i8D1LKkVK8WfMjFPyiyVZ4Auh9aLD5ut4LCRqqR

Token Distribution

Token Utility

The DEFI token provides the following utility to its holders and the De.Fi community:

  • Product Access - DEFI holders have full access to any of De.Fi's products, such as our audit database, Rekt database, approvals page and smart contract scanner.

  • App Discounts - DEFI holders have discounts when utilizing any De.Fi services, such as our multi-harvesting service.

  • Exclusive Chat Access - DEFI holders have access to some of our internal channels, where our most committed community members can chat with our team at a more intimate level.

  • Partner Benefits - The DEFI token can be used at any of our partners' liquidity pools or otherwise any other related DEFI token staking options available.

  • De.Fi Chain Contract Queries - In order to request smart contract data from the De.Fi Chain, one must spend some DEFI for each query.

  • Becoming An Indexer - In order to become an indexer in the De.Fi Chain, one must stake DEFI for a certain length of time.

How To Earn DEFI

Other than buying DEFI on the open and decentralized market, one can earn DEFI by any of the following activities:

  • Contributing to our code scanning codebase.

  • Providing liquidity for DEFI pools.

  • More ways to earn DEFI tokens will be announced soon.

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