Audit Database

De.Fi's Audit Database is the world's most comprehensive database of all smart contract audits performed to date. This of course includes any of our own audits, as well as audits from other major auditing firms such as Quantstamp, PeckShield, Chainsulting, Open Zeppelin, ConsenSys, CertiK and many, many more.

Our database is updated daily with any new audits being completed, so our list of tracked auditors is constantly growing.

Searching for a project's audit has never been easier. Through our Audit Database you are simply search for a project's name and easily find all their audits. You may filter by chain or auditing firm if you wish to.

For example, searching for "Aave" will get us the following results:

You are able to quickly see when and by whom the project was audited by, as well as download any relevant reports from each audit.

You can also search for a specific auditing firm to find all their different audits!

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