If you're utilizing any lending markets, you'll be able to use our lending page to quickly view all your investments in one place.

Checking Your Collateral

At the top of the page you can see the total amount you have provided as collateral, as well as the amounts you have borrowed:

This can be a quick way to check that your collateral is in check. If the 'Net Worth' value is lower than you expected, you might want to check that your collateral didn't lose too much value, otherwise you could risk liquidations on any platform you have assets in.

Viewing Your Positions

Scrolling down to the page's main content, you'll see details of any of your positions in lending markets of any of the blockchains we have support for. For example, below is an Aave V2 position on Polygon:

For every one of the protocols you are interacting with, you'll be able to see all the tokens you have supplied, along with their current values and respective yields. Furthermore, any tokens you have borrowed will be displayed below alongside their interest, as well as any rewards that you can claim.

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