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IL Calculator

Our IL Calculator is currently unavailable as we are working on improving it.
Our Impermanent Loss Calculator allows you to quickly find all the stats you need regarding the IL of any of your liquidity pool positions. Use this to accurately plan the risk you are willing to take, or find out how much IL you have accrued in the past.

Calculating IL

Using our IL calculator is as easy as following these quick steps:

Step 1 - Enter the amount you have deposited in USD terms:

Step 2 - Enter the token details for the pool you want to calculate IL for:

This means entering the following for each of the two tokens in the pool:
  • Name or Address
  • Pool Weight
  • Price Change
The vast majority of pools will have a weight of 50/50. The price change refers to how much the asset's price has changed from the moment you deposited into the pool. Logically, the more price change in reference to the other asset, the more IL you would experience.

Step 3 - Click on 'Calculate' to fetch your results!

The results will be the form of a table displaying differing price changes leading up to the values you'd indicated. Feel free to click on any column to hide it.

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